Business Startup Packages

General Information

There are several required tasks to start a Kentucky business, and our firm handles the major tasks through its business startup packages. Our packages are designed to get your business formed accurately, quickly, and as inexpensively as possible. If you have any questions about the individual services offered within a package, please click on the respective service using this website’s left toolbar.

Corporation Startup: File Business Formation Document (Articles of Incorporation) + Obtain Federal Employer Identification Number: $250

LLC Startup: File Business Formation Document (Articles of Organization) + Obtain Federal Employer Identification Number: $250

Non-Profit Corporation Startup: File Business Formation Document (Articles of Incorporation) + Obtain Federal Employer Identification Number: $250


  • Reserve Business Name: $250
  • Business Entity Type Selection Advice: $250
  • Drafting of Business Governing Document (Bylaws or Operating Agreement): $500
  • Obtain Assumed Business Name: $250
  • Register for Kentucky Business Taxation: $250
  • Obtain County Business License: $250
  • Apply for Kentucky Liquor License: $500
  • S-Corp or C-Corp Election: $250
  • Federal Trademark Application: $250
  • Copyright Registration: $250
  • Hold Non-Profit Initial Organizational Meeting: $250
  • Non-Profit Application for Federal Tax-Exempt Status: $500
  • Register Non-Profit with the Kentucky Attorney General: $250
  • Obtain Non-Profit Sales and Use Tax Exemption: $250

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it more expensive to form a non-profit organization than a regular business?
    • While it might seem counterintuitive that a non-profit business costs more to begin than a for-profit business, the fact is there are more legal tasks and filing fees involved. The IRS and the Kentucky Attorney General’s office require full information about the non-profit and its activities to reduce the possibility of fraud. The IRS does not want to award tax exemptions easily, so the application to obtain tax exempt status is lengthy, complicated, and involves a high filing fee.
  • Why is it more expensive to form a corporation than other business entity types (LLC, LLP, etc.)?
    • A corporation is legally required to have Bylaws and hold an initial organizational meeting, whereas other entity types are allowed to go without a business governing document and skip the organizational meeting. Though it is beneficial for an LLC to have an Operating Agreement and for an LLP to have a Partnership Agreement, neither are mandated under Kentucky law, so we do not make them an included component of the startup package. These documents are available as flat fee add-ons should they be desired.
  • What type of business should I form to practice my profession?
    • Professional services, which include those services rendered by physicians, veterinarians, engineers, accountants, and attorneys, may only be provided through a professional entity. In Kentucky, a business may render professional services as either a corporation, LLC, LLP, or General Partnership. Though there are some distinctions, for the most part, the laws applicable to for-profit businesses in Kentucky apply to the professional version of the same entity type.If you choose our firm for your business startup, please select a startup package for the desired for-profit entity type. We will handle or advise you of any additional requirements pertaining to professional businesses. And if you have questions about whether your particular field constitutes a profession under Kentucky law, please contact our firm.
  • What if I would like to purchase an add-on legal service from your firm?
    • If you would like us to handle your business startup package and one or more add-on services, please complete the relevant business startup package online form, along with the online form for the particular add-on service(s) desired. This is the most efficient way to get us the information necessary to complete all legal tasks for you. After receiving your info submission, we will contact you to confirm all desired services, answer any questions you have, and provide you with the total cost for all legal and filing fees.
  • Why form my business through your firm?
    • Cost Savings – Though quality legal services are never cheap, we have invested great time making the delivery of the services we offer as efficient as possible, and this has allowed us to lower costs and pass the savings on to clients. We charge flat fees for the vast majority of the business startup services offered, and indicate the exact filing fees you will owe. By doing so, you are able to see the entire expected costs of business startup up front.Straightforward, Efficient Process – Our website offers a great deal of information about Kentucky and federal business laws and the services we offer. We believe in providing such information to let clients better understand the business startup process and what they are getting for their legal fees. When a client decides to purchase a startup package, we collect basic information about the business through secure online forms. These forms cut down on the time required to meet with an attorney and eliminate the need to repeatedly fill out the same information across multiple forms. The result is a process that reduces the complexity and the time required to form a Kentucky business.Expertise and Legal Advice – Your business startup will be undertaken entirely by Kentucky attorneys familiar with all relevant and current business laws. Unlike document filing services, we provide legal advice and are available to be contacted with specific questions or concerns. Our attorneys are trained to spot unique circumstances which might make a particular feature of your business startup more or less desirable. Also keep in mind that filing fees are required to complete the startup tasks necessary for all businesses. These filing fees are non-refundable, so it is important to ensure all filings are accurate and in conformity with Kentucky and/or federal law.
  • What advantage is there in selecting a business startup package versus just purchasing the individual legal services that I cannot do on my own?
    • Accuracy and Consistency – by commissioning our firm to perform all required business startup tasks, it is more likely that all documents will be drafted and all filings made accurately than if several parties separately undertook the various tasks. Our documents are designed to be consistent with and complement each other, which will cut down on the likelihood of legal problems down the road.Included Business Guide – if you purchase a business startup package, we include a guide written by our attorneys that will serve as a useful reference for running your business organization. If you form a for-profit business, we will send you “Recordkeeping and Notice Posting Laws Applicable to Kentucky Businesses”. If you form a non-profit organization, we will send you “Maintaining Federal Tax-Exempt Status: A Guide for Kentucky Non-Profit Organizations so that They May Stay Legal and Thrive”.

Legal Services Offered and Cost

Corporation Startup

  • Legal fees: $250 flat fee

If you are ready to get started, please CLICK HERE to enter basic information using our secure online form.

LLC Startup

  • Legal fees: $250 flat fee

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Non-Profit Corporation Startup

  • Legal fees: $250 flat fee

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