Traffic Ticket Overview

Kentucky Traffic Ticket

A traffic ticket involves three separate issues:

  1. The violation of a Kentucky driving statute is determined by the court system.
  2. If convicted of the violation, the driver’s license is impacted by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
  3. If the conviction is for a speeding or moving offense, the driver’s auto insurer takes action.

About Our Firm’s Traffic Ticket Services

Please see our page on Kentucky Traffic Ticket Defense for information about and the services we offer to handle traffic charges. Please see our page on Kentucky Driver’s License Suspension for information about and the services we offer to avoid driver’s license suspension.

Our Recommendations on How to Avoid a Traffic Ticket in Kentucky page provides helpful tips to reduce the likelihood of being issued a ticket and increase the likelihood of successfully defeating an issued ticket.

Our Kentucky Traffic Offenses and Penalties page provides helpful charts listing the fine, court costs, point assessment, license suspension possibility, jail time possibility, and offense level for common Kentucky traffic offenses.

Finally, out Kentucky Traffic Ticket Cost-Benefit Analysis page provides objective information about the pros and cons of pursing each method of dealing with a traffic ticket, including how auto insurance rates are affected by each method.

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