Wills Overview

General Information

In the most basic sense, wills are instruments that express how you would like to dispose of your property at death. However, a will is more than a simple document – it is exactly what its name implies – a will is determination and desire to make our own choices. Failing to plan for death means deciding that state lawmakers choose how best to distribute your assets. A passive approach to your estate plan can also unnecessarily burden your family at an already difficult time. Having a will and other documents can provide significant financial and emotional relief to your loved ones. By planning, you can keep your friends and family from having to decide how to distribute your property, make tough medical decisions, and guess what you might have wanted for yourself.

Many believe that there is an urgent need for estate planning with large estates only, because more is at stake to divide and fight over. Likewise if the testator (will drafter) is aged, ill, or anticipating a serious illness. However, as grim as it is to consider, death can strike at any time, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. Even if your estate is small, the property you have worked for is valuable to you and meaningful to your loved ones. You should consider getting or updating a will and other estate planning documents as major life events occur: marriage, birth of a child, purchase of a home, etc.

Attorney-Drafted Kentucky Will for a Flat Fee

Our law firm offers flat fee packages for drafting and executing simple estate planning documents. If you have a complex estate, are looking for significant estate planning advice (i.e. tax savings, business services), and/or wish to form a living trust in order to avoid probate, the fee for such services will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not know which services are right for you, learn more about estate planning by reviewing the articles in this section or contact our office to discuss your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will 30 minutes of consultation be enough?
    • Probably yes. In fact, many of your questions can likely be answered by browsing our Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning pages. Also, the bulk of what must be communicated to draft these documents will be asked by us and answered by you in our accompanying questionnaires. You’ll find that the questionnaires themselves provide a lot of guidance. Of course, in the rare case that you do require additional consultation, we would be happy to provide it at our normal hourly rate. Examples of issues that are most likely to result in additional time include adding testamentary trust provisions and failure to fully complete questionnaires.
  • Do I really need a lawyer to write my will?
    • The simple answer is no. No law requires you to hire a lawyer to draft a will, handle a complex lawsuit, defend against serious criminal charges, etc. However, if a lawyer is involved, you have a knowledgeable person advising and guiding you on how to execute your last wishes. There can be much more to even a simple will than “who gets what.” If you choose to employ our firm to draft your will, we will thoroughly inform you of your options and adhere to relevant state law to ensure that your will is complete and effective. Ultimately, having a will that is not properly drafted or executed is like having no will at all.
  • Are all those additional documents necessary?
    • Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives are not necessary, but are highly recommended. Like a will, these documents allow you to make decisions while you still can about your finances and medical care. People often think they will just rely on their friends and family to make the “right decisions” for them without realizing the pressure they may be putting on their loved ones. We encourage you to read more about powers of attorney and advanced directives to learn how careful planning can preserve your resources, comfort your family, and allow you to die with dignity.
  • How long will it take to complete my will?
    • In order for our firm to begin working on your will, you will complete our online form, speak with one of our attorneys, answer the questionnaire, sign a Representation Agreement, and make payment. Filling out the secure online form and paying through our website typically expedites the process, but we can also exchange documents by email, fax, mail, or in person. After completing these steps, we will present your will to you within one week and schedule an in-office execution, if desired.
  • Do I need to come in to your office?
    • If you utilize our flat fee services, then no. Part of our flat fee package includes hosting the execution ceremony needed to activate the document. Most clients prefer our firm to take care of the necessary formalities including gathering witnesses, a notary, and giving instructions. If you live far away or otherwise would rather execute the document on your own, we will provide a detailed instruction sheet. In the case of elderly or infirm clients who live locally, we may be able to execute the will in your home.

Legal Services Offered and Cost

Will Drafting

Legal fees: $350 flat fee

This includes questionnaires, up to 30 minutes total consultation, will drafting and one revision, and will execution ceremony in attorney’s office (if desired)

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