Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Flat Fee Package

I want to get started.  What do I do?

If you have not already done so, please fill out our brief Uncontested Divorce Contact Form (link). Upon receipt, a link to our more detailed questionnaire will be emailed to you.  After we receive the completed questionnaire, we will evaluate any potential conflicts of interest and the particulars of the divorce procedure (including the cost of filing) in your county of residence. If we can take your case, you will receive a Representation Agreement. Should you decide to retain us and move forward, simply sign the Agreement, email it to us, and make payment of the legal and filing fees.

The completed questionnaire provides all the information we need to initiate your divorce and much of the information needed to complete the process, so please be sure you fill it out thoroughly. Space is provided to list additional questions and concerns.

What is involved in the uncontested divorce process?

If you and your spouse do not have a minor child(ren) together, then there are approximately 10 documents that our firm will ultimately draft and submit to the Court on your behalf to complete the divorce process. There are several additional documents required if there is a minor child(ren).  That said, all that will be required of you is to fill out the Questionnaire that we send you, answer some follow up questions concerning your answers to the Questionnaire, and of course, we will need you and your spouse to sign several of the documents we draft, many of which will need to be notarized. We offer free notary services for you and your spouse at our office. After you and your spouse execute the documents, our firm will submit them to the Court and we will simply be awaiting the Judge’s signature to finalize the divorce.

What is not included for the flat fee?

  • Consultation beyond one hour. Consultation includes communication between our attorneys and you, as well as communication between our attorneys and your spouse or their counsel
  • Hearings. As previously mentioned, most all counties in Kentucky do not require a court appearance to finalize an uncontested divorce. If you happen to live in a county that does require a hearing, then there will be additional costs associated with travelling to/from and attendance at court hearings.  See FAQ below regarding hearings.
  • Electronic Filing Cost and postage.  The current electronic filing cost to initiate the divorce in Fayette and most other counties is $225 ($221 plus a $4 processing fee charged by LexisNexis to process the Court’s payments). We will cover up to $10 in postage expenses.
  • Service of process fees.  In an uncontested divorce, your spouse voluntarily enters the action at no additional cost. If your uncontested divorce becomes contested, you may be responsible for the cost of serving your spouse.
  • Additional documents not required to enter the divorce.  If your case requires Quitclaim Deeds, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders or certain additional documents, we can draft those for you at an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do I need an attorney if my spouse and I agree on everything?
      • You may choose to represent yourself in any legal action.  That said, even an uncontested divorce requires a significant quantity of paperwork and knowledge of state and local rules.  Furthermore, if you are represented, our attorneys offer legal advice with our opinion on your best course of action.
    • What if I don’t know if my divorce is uncontested?
      • If you and your spouse have not specifically discussed the issues listed above, we cannot represent you for the flat fee.  We are happy to discuss representing you in a contested divorce, or you may wish consult with your spouse and see if you are in agreement.
    • Am I likely to have to pay beyond the flat fee?
      • The vast majority of our clients who initially engage us for uncontested divorces are completed for our flat fee plus the filing fee. Clients usually only incur additional charges when what was initially believed to be an uncontested divorce becomes a contested one.
    • Does my spouse need their own attorney?
      • Often our client’s spouse does not retain their own attorney.  In such cases, they are representing themselves and we communicate directly with them. However, they may choose to retain their own counsel at any point in the proceeding.
    • Can you represent both me and my spouse?
      • No. Attorneys in Kentucky are ethically barred from representing both parties in a divorce.  So while we would communicate with an unrepresented spouse, we would not offer them any legal advice.
    • What if my spouse lives out of state?
      • Only one party must meet the residency requirement.   Your spouse must simply be able to receive and return the required documents and have access to a notary.  Note that we may or may not be able to move forward with the divorce if your nonresident spouse refuses to voluntarily appear in the action.
    • What if my children live out of state?
      • The court may not have jurisdiction to make decisions about child custody or support.  In such a case, we encourage you to describe your children’s residence in detail in your contact form so we may advise you properly.
    • I’m pregnant. Do I have to wait to begin the divorce?
      • Minor children born during the marriage are presumed to be children of the marriage, so the Court will not enter the divorce until the baby is born.  That said, the divorce process may begin while the Wife is pregnant.
    • Will I have to appear in court?
      • So long as the divorce remains uncontested, most counties do not require a hearing. Instead, the divorce is entered based on written proof.  You will be notified if your county requires a hearing.
    • What if I can’t get in contact with my spouse?
      • The Court must have jurisdiction to enter the divorce decree and your spouse must be notified of the action. Depending on the facts of your case, you may still be able to get divorced in Kentucky. Describe your situation in detail in your contact form.
  • Can I email everything to you?
    • Correspondence by email is often the quickest and most convenient manner of communication. However, original documents must be submitted to the Court.
    • Do the documents need to be notarized?
      • Most documents submitted to the Court will need to be notarized. You and/or your spouse may prearrange with our office to have most documents notarized here, if you prefer.
    • Can my spouse be required to pay my legal fees?
      • According to KRS 403.220, the court may, at its discretion and considering the financial resources of the parties, order one party to pay the other party’s attorney’s fees. However, because this typically requires filing a motion with the court, you would be responsible for the additional upfront cost.
  • Will my spouse have to be served with the Petition?
    • No. Our attorney will prepare an Entry of Appearance for your spouse to be filed with the Court, acknowledging that they have received the Petition and are voluntarily appearing in the action. Only if they refuse to enter an appearance will another service method be required.

Legal Services Offered and Cost

Uncontested Divorce

Legal fees: $550 flat fee

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Uncontested Divorce with Minor Children

Legal fees: $750 flat fee

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