Expungement of Kentucky Criminal Records: Intake Form

The minimum expungement fee is $300. For this amount we will file to expunge ALL eligible charges within a single court. Depending on the particulars of your record and what you want expunged, the total fee may increase. Our simple flat fee structure is listed here. Filing fees are of course the responsibility of the client.
Please note if you are paying via PayPal you will need to see two confirmations to know that your information and payment has been successfully submitted:
1. After you submit this form, you will see a Wolfe & Houlehan law firm website confirmation page that says “Thank you for submitting your information to us. We will be in contact with you shortly if we are able to represent you.”
2. After you submit the PayPal payment on PayPal.com, you will see a page that says “Thanks for your order.”
One of our attorneys will contact you within one business day of receiving BOTH your online form submission and your $300 payment, whether via PayPal or other method. We do not currently accept credit card payments over the phone.